Physical Therapy in Fort Wayne

Breathing Exercises

Angie Netterville, PTA, CMT We are all aware that breathing is essential for life. Our breath is an amazing gift that our body just naturally does on its own. We don’t even have to think about it for a breath to occur. How cool is that? But when we use breathing as an exercise, it […] →Read more

When to Push and When to Rest

Angie Netterville, PTA, CMT I wrote this post a few years ago for a Cancer Services newsletter, but I think it is something we all want to know when we are dealing with pain or illness. It also fits very well with Rachel’s awesome post about what exercise is right for you. We all want […] →Read more


Hillary Martin, PTA WFH – Have you seen this abbreviation before? It stands for work from home – something employees around the globe are becoming increasingly familiar with. Proper body mechanics are important no matter where you do your job. Work surface: Try to find a surface for your computer and paperwork that is flat. […] →Read more

Can You Be With Your Pain?

Angie Netterville, PTA, CMT When we feel discomfort in our bodies, most of us typically do our best to shut it down or to avoid feeling it. It is a natural and reasonable response to want to make pain disappear. People who have chronic symptoms usually become masters at disconnecting from their pain, and rightfully […] →Read more