Hands On Physical Therapy
Hands On Physical Therapy
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Hands On Physical Therapy - What to Expect

Physical Therapy in Fort Wayne

What To Expect at Hands On Physical Therapy?

We pride ourselves on having calm, private treatment rooms where our therapists offer one-on-one, individualized care. The warm rooms offer a comfortable atmosphere with soothing music to nurture your growth and help reach your maximum healing potential. Our treatment style focuses on manual therapy and fully utilizes a hands-on approach. We provide a home exercise program, however, all of these exercises may not be performed at every treatment session. We educate all of our patients on proper body mechanics, posture and self-treatment during the course of care in order to help prevent future problems or flare-ups.

Preparing for Treatment

Our physical therapists utilize a whole body approach. We visually evaluate your posture and offer a more holistic approach to get to the source of your problems, not just treating the symptoms. During your session, your physical therapist will require access to all areas of your body. Please wear shorts, tank top and/or a sports bra. You are welcome to change at our facility prior to your appointment. Please avoid applying lotion the day of your visit as it can hinder your treatment.


We work with a variety of insurances, including Anthem, Aetna, First Health, United Health Care, Medicare, Signature Care, Tricare North, Encore, Indiana Health Network, Choice Care, PHP, Three Rivers Preferred, Lutheran Preferred, Unicare, Secure Horizons, Multiplan, PHCS, auto insurances and workers compensation. We will see patients that have out-of-network insurances, such as Sagamore and Cigna. Insurance companies have different benefits for out-of-network providers. As with any insurance, we will call for your benefits prior to your first visit. *We do not accept Medicaid and Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP)*. We expect co-payment/deductibles at the time of service. However, we are willing to make payment arrangements. *Insurance benefits are a quote only, NOT a guarantee of payment*.

Physical Therapy/Bodywork

Now in Indiana, you can be seen for physical therapy the first 24 days without a physician's referral, however, some insurance companies still require one for reimbursement. Check with your individual plan. Therapy is usually filed through your health, auto, or workers' compensation insurance. Updates of your progress are sent to the referring physician regularly. You have to make regular progress, gaining significant function toward your goals to continue. After you have met your therapy goals or stop making gains, you will be discharged from our facility.

Bodywork does not require a physician's referral. Bodywork or massage is not filed through any insurance; it is self-pay, and usually less expensive than the PT rate. This may be a better option for you if you have a high deductible that would be difficult to meet, have used up your yearly maximum of visits, or if you have plateaued with physical therapy but enjoy regular maintenance therapy. Some health savings plans allow you to claim bodywork or massage. Patients can come as often, or as little as desired.