Physical Therapy in Fort Wayne

Sleep Positions

Hillary Zumbrun, PTA Starting your day with a restful night’s sleep is the ideal situation. However, many people struggle with pain either while falling asleep, wake up due to pain throughout the night, or have trouble getting out of bed in the morning due to pain. My rule of thumb is; if you go to […] →Read more

Osteoarthritis 101

Rachel Proctor, PT, DPT I hear the term osteoarthritis, or simply arthritis, every day from my patients.  It is a term that comes with lots of connotations and preconceived notions, many of which are at least partially inaccurate.  Phrases like “bone on bone” and “wear and tear” are spoken often in my office.  Honestly, I […] →Read more

Spinal Stabilization for Day to Day Living

Angie Netterville, PTA, CMT The spine is a complex structure that provides the main support to the entire body. Therefore when the muscles that support the spine are strong, they provide stability thus promoting better mobility and balance and relieving tension. No matter what our level of physical function, spinal stability is important for all […] →Read more

Physical Therapy FAQ

Rachel Proctor, PT, DPT What is a Physical Therapist? Physical therapists (PT’s) are health care professionals that help people improve function in their daily lives.  We may work in a variety of places including private practices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, fitness facilities, and work settings.  We can work with people of all ages from newborns […] →Read more

Myofascial Stretching

Angie Netterville, PTA, CMT At times when I am performing Myofascial Release on a patient, the patient will tell me that I can push harder. My response to that is that it is more about connecting to the restriction and holding long enough for the tissue to release. It doesn’t HAVE to hurt in order […] →Read more